Dog Poop "CRIME LAB" is committed to catching all the dog poop violators and catching those common criminals. If we have our way, no dog owner will ever leave their dogs poop in public areas ever again.

Using DNA technology CRIME LAB matches each dogs DNA fingerprint with the DNA of dog poop left behind.

However clever dog owners think they are at avoiding cleaning up after their dogs, we have them beat with state of the art DNA analyzing technology right from the pages of you favorite crime story.

We provide the database and tools so any apartment complex or private property manager can end the poop problem once and for all.

Without enforcement, lazy dog owners make living in the same complex less comfortable for everyone by leaving dog poop everywhere.

Dogs poop an average of 2 times a day or 14 times a week. If the poop is not picked up, even one dog owner can create a mess for hundreds of people.

Most dog owners thankfully do clean up their dogs poop. But not everyone and those criminals are just who we are after.

When "CRIME LAB" is adopted by a community, all dogs are tested. In most cases, nobody has any issues with giving up a cotton swab if they are following the rules.

But, those that are repeat offenders will often raise a ruckus trying to avoid testing because, it will force them to change their behavior and pick up that poop they have been ignoring for so long.

Just the mere threat of implementing a "CRIME LAB" program in your community will often get residents to clean up in fear of being caught. But when the program is in fact used, you can identify 100% of the piles and fine the owners.