To collect DNA from dog poop, you will need a CRIME LAB DNA Collection kit. The kit includes all the tolls and safety gear to collect the dog poop sample and send it to the DNA lab for processing.

It is important that the dog poop collected is not contaminated by other dogs or the results will show more than one possible match. So samples should be collected as fresh as possible before any environmental contamination occurs.

The kit includes a collection tool that will measure the amount needed to get an accurate DNA match, but the person collection the sample needs to get the best possible sample.

The best samples for dog poop DNA are the outside of the dog poop and not the inside as well as areas that have not contacted any thing else, such as grass, or soil.

Grass and soil can be contaminated with other dogs DNA that could give a false match.

It is not complicated or even difficult, but some basic protocols need to be followed.

For example, gloves are provided not only to keep your hands from touching the dog poop, but also to keep your DNA out of the sample.

While human DNA is different than the dogs DNA having too many sources of DNA in a sample will create problems in the analysis process.

A face mask is provided as well, to prevent the collector from breathing or sneezing on the sample and adding their own DNA to the dog poop mix.

Contamination is always a concern, because the actual amount of Dog Poop DNA used is often as low as just a single strand of DNA.