Dog Poop DNA Testing is a hot topic of discussion with some people thinking we are taking away dogs rights and others thinking it is the best use of technology ever.

That type of divide is normal in these heated discussions, so lets explore the merits of both sides.

First dogs don't have any rights under the law, they are treated like property. So the law does not see your dog as a member of your family like you might, they only see a piece of property just like a TV, a car or a dishwasher. So technically, the dog does not have a say in the matter anymore than if your dishwasher was leaking water on the tenant in the apartment below you. That tenant has a right to be angry if water is pouring from the ceiling and more so, if it is dog poop.

Dog poop enrages people, causes thousands of domestic disputes and even ends up with people killing each other, yes over dog poop.

There is a hatred for the poop, but more so, for the people that leave it out for others to enjoy and never make any attempt to clean it up.

The question is, is DNA testing of dog poop a good use of technology?

If testing can keep people from killing each other, is that not a good use?

If DNA testing of dog poop helps clean up the environment, is that not a good use?

If DNA testing of dog poop prevents people from getting sick is that not a good use of the technology?

The fact is, dog poop is a harmful pathogen that is pouting the water, soil and eco system, killing wildlife, spreading parasites and bacteria that can kill not only animals but humans. And I am not going to cite documentation, this is proven known fact documented by government agencies all over the world.

So cleaning up dog poop is a good thing and there are rules, laws and ordinances in every state in the United States. So it is not like the debate is about whether people should pick it up, because the law already says they have to.

The debate is about enforcement of dog poop clean ups.

How far does a private property owner have to go to get people to obey the law?

Residents will argue that an apartment complex is private property and not subject to the law in that the poop is not being left on public property and the dog is a paid resident of the property and has a right to use it to poop.

If people just picked up after their dogs, this would not be a debate at all.

So the real debate is between the dog owners not picking up their dogs poop and the people that have to see it, smell it and end up stepping in it by accident.

The dog poop debate is just a squabble between criminals that choose not to obey the law and people that are law abiding and expect others to do the same.

It is really about the rights of the non dog owners not having to deal with dog poop.

Don't they have rights?

Guess, what, they do under the constitution, unlike the canine residents of this country.

So asking dog owners to clean up after their dogs is not really an issue for debate, it is their right while the dogs do not have a right to poop on their common property.

Look, nobody wants to deal with inconsiderate dog owners but DNA testing is a viable option to get them to pick up dog poop.

Property owners have the right to protect and demand residents follow the rules outlined in rental agreements. There are no limits in rental agreements on how far the landlord can go to insure that you abide by the rules, just that you must.

If the landlord decides to test dogs with DNA, they have the right to enforce the lease.

If dog owner would just pick up after their pets this would not be a topic of discussion, but nearly half choose not to pick up their dogs poop, so here we are.

DNA does solve the problem and allows full enforcement of the law.

Perhaps that is the real issue here. Not that my dog has rights, but that, I don't want to get caught.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a lawless country, we have to consider others in our careless actions. We have to obtain licenses, permits and follow rules.

Nobody questions fingerprints and photos for driver's licenses. The why grip when DNA is collected from dogs to enforce dog poop pick ups?