The dog poop debate will wage on for many years as only about half of the dog owners pick up after their dogs.

Why is that so hard?

Why are people so inconsiderate of other people and the impact of their dogs poop on everyone else's life.

Sure, it is nasty and no body wants to pick the shit up! But why do I have to pick up your dogs shit?

I guess it is in our DNA. Leaving messes for other people to clean up. From the beginning of time civilizations have left garbage and waste in their paths. Now we erect huge landfills that destroy the environment and eat the landscape making it completely unusable for decades.

So why would we think that anyone would be considerate?

It is just not in our history and is not part of humanity. It is in fact a learned response that people have acquired over time. Maybe by having people be inconsiderate to them and making them realize they should be considerate to others.

Maybe their pastor preached that they should do unto others as they wish done unto them.

Whatever the cause, at last half of the people are picking up their dogs poop.

Despite rules, letters and warnings, people just refuse to pick up their dogs shit.

That is why a real enforcement solution is necessary.

Something that will not allow anyone to get away with breaking the rules.

That is precisely where DNA testing of dog poop comes in to play.

It is very simple, easy to enforce and a real deterrent to stop the dog poop problem.

Maybe it is a bit extreme, maybe it is going to far.

But after decades of apartment managers dealing with daily complaints about dog poop, something needs to be done to change the careless nature of humanity.

Who knows, maybe forcing people to pick up dog poop will change their personalities. Maybe they will be more considerate of their neighbors all around. Maybe it will make them better people.

Of course they will complain, bitch and whine that this is unfair, invades their privacy and bla bla bla. But that is because just like a small child they don't want to change and do something that they have not had to do up to now.

Some people think they are just better than the rest of us and they don't have to pick up their dogs poop.

If that is the case, let them pay the fine of $250 every time their dog poops. Then maybe they will get the message that it is just not OK to be inconsiderate.

It would be great if we lived in a world where we did not have to make rules, laws and have police to enforce them. But not everyone can be trusted to do the right thing all the time.

So programs like Mr Dog Poop's CRIME LAB are very necessary and important to help keep humanity in check. To keep people honest and evolving into better people.

If it was a criminal offense and we locked people up for leaving discarded dog poop everywhere, then it would stop quickly. But until then, we have to use every tool we have to keep dog poop off our lawns, away from our children and out of our lives.